Pregnant Women Prenatal Cradle Maternity Support Abdomen Waist Belt Pregnancy Belly Back Brace Band

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Material: net cloth and self-adhesive elastic belt
It can be adjusted freely according to the circumference of the pregnant belly
Color: Khaki
Size: free, adjustable
Support belt the main role is to help pregnant women hold the abdomen. For those who feel stomach is relatively large, relatively heavy walking requires holding the stomach to help people with their hands, especially the occurrence of pelvic ligaments loose girdle pain of pregnant women, to support the back up. And the fetal position for the breech, the doctor do reverse operation to transfer the position, to prevent the back to the original breech, can use abdominal limited.
In order to help girdle the abdomen at the same time, can help pregnant women to maintain the correct posture, so that pregnant women in pregnancy is still brisk, but also can make the fetus has the feeling of stability.
Note: 1. girdle in order not to affect fetal development, girdle can not pack too tight, you should take off your sleep at night.
2. elastic telescopic girdle should be relatively strong, can be increased from the lower abdomen and abdominal, to prevent uterine prolapse, fetal protection and can reduce the pressure on the waist.
Note: wash with warm water and mild detergent, hand washing, hand washing action is not too large, rinse and gently dry, place the shade to dry naturally.
The package includes: a pregnant women prenatal cradle