Breast Milk Storage Bags Preservation Bags BPA Free and BPS Free

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1.No bisphenol A.
2.Sterilized by gamma rays. Safely store, and freeze the breast milk.
3.Convenient bottle mouth design for you to pour out breast milk easily.
4.Writing labels are beyond the injection area to prevent ink contamination.
5. Safer leakproof seal.
6. Store horizontally in the fridge for your easily unfreeze.
7. Doypack design for your convenience.
Brand: zhuan zhuan xiong
Capacity: about 200 ml Two packages: 10 bags
per box; 30 bags per box .
Material: PE+PET Sales: Buy one box, get one gel ink pen
Application: Suitable for mothers who have postpartum excessive breast milk, or need to work.
Description: Unique seal design can provides extra protection. The exterior storage bag has a information chart for you to write, including saving date, time and volume.