6 x Reusable Washable Breast Feeding Baby Nursing Pads Cotton Material

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Product Details:
6 PCS Washable Breast Pads
Condition: brand new
Widely Designed for using during late pregnancy and after your baby born, not just for breast feeding. Fully absorb the breast milk!
Material: natural colored cotton material
Brushed cotton lining, soft and gentle against the skin
With 4 absorbent lining layers which draws moisture away from the skin behind a leakproof liner and an attractive lace outer layer. Keep the nipple dry and comfortable!
Machine washable and dryable, reusable
Anti-skid and ultra soft design, avoid the pads slide/move, and also avoid the ventilation sore nipples

Color: white, and More details are shown in pictures!

Package Included:
6 x Washable Breast Pad